Bakers from Bavaria

Supporting the Fatherland During World War I

"They lived a very comfortable life."

"Well [my father, Manfred Heinemann] was born in 1922, and he lived in a town called Treuchtlingen, which was in Bavaria. And they lived a very comfortable life. My grandfather sold baking supplies. And eventually [my father's] brother was born in 1933-- Harry. And my grandmother had studied to be a nurse, and she was helpful during World War I. My grandfather was also in the army in World War I."

Editor's Note:
Susan Heinemann Berman recorded an oral history with the MHHE in 2019 during which she told stories about her parents' experiences fleeing Germany after Hitler came to power. The first five stops on this Georiga Journey will follow Susan's father and his family. Then, the Journey will shift to follow her mother's side of the family. Of course, these two paths will eventually converge, resulting in Susan's birth and her unique life story.