Visiting England

History and Change

"...things over there that I wanted them to see."

"But I went back three or four times. Like I said, I've been here for 23 years before I got to go home the first time. And my neighbors had a party for me. And we had some good eating and everything, because they knew that was my first time back. And we had a little party. It was very nice.

[There were a] lot more people [over there]. My brother-- actually I stayed with him a lot, and he lived in – right out of Southampton in the country-- not like country here. There's houses around, but it was out in the country. And my mom had moved into London and we-- she lived near Harrods. I don't know if you're familiar with that area, but she lived there, so we were within walking distance with everything, as far as history and everything, which I went back. I like the museums and stuff like that, though. The first time I went, I took my daughter. She was ten at that time. And my younger son went. He was sixteen. So we got to see a lot of things over there that I wanted them to see.

People have told me if I stayed up north I would have kept an accent, because they speak faster up there, but I do miss that. And going home-- when I left England, there were just basically British people living there-- and going home, and there were so many from different countries living there-- that was different to what I'd remembered, you know. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did all my history stuff, like I said. I went around."