Growing up in Enfield

A Pleasant London Suburb

"We used to call all our neighbors Aunt or Uncle."

"It was what we call row houses. It was almost like what they have as town houses now, but they were built in the late 18th century. So we had neighbors stuck with us, and we had upstairs and downstairs. (Makes side-by-side motion with hands).

We had a little garden in the backyard, and then we had a little side area that we could go down to go out the front, or use the front door-- my place where I used to slip out.

We used to call all our neighbors Aunt or Uncle. It was never Mr. or Mrs. So that was just the way they did back in those days.

Basically, we had a very nice area. We had a lot of parks. And it was safe then to let kids go out. And I can remember going-- we had a river that ran through our backyard, and we would get out and catch fish. In the winter time we would get out there and skate, because it was at the back of the yard, but it also went through the parks, so…"