Rescuing Jewish Friends

Safety in Sweden

"...Jews hidden in the boats and covered up in cold herring."

"The Final Solution was getting closer. Some of their Jewish friends needed to be in Sweden, and they were also in this rowing club, so...when you’re young, and the dopamine hasn’t set in in the mid-brain, to fool the Gestapo at the pier would be fun, so...they were just out rowing, and they just kept rowing to Sweden, and they had their friend down in the rowboat.

Another friend of mine’s family was up on the coast, and they were in the finish business, and...they actually did have the Jews hidden in the boats and covered up in cold herring. It must have been just dreadful. Just dreadful.

But only seventy-seven Danish Jews were sent to a concentration camp in Germany, out of seven thousand—seven hundred Jews in Demark, Because of General Best leaking the Final Solution out to the Danish government, and they were very active. They had gotten everybody informed. Resistance fighters would go out and tell everybody what was happening."