Service and Protest

"It was a war that nobody wanted."

"The Vietnam War was very different. When my brother, Wayne, was drafted, I became a war protester, joining student sit ins and running from the police who tried to break up our demonstrations. Wayne served two years in Thailand as a medic. I met my husband, Bob, at Georgia State University, and he was in the Army Reserves. He served for six years. The Vietnam War was the war nobody wanted. Even the memorial is below ground."


Wayne Coker in his U.S. Army barracks in Vietnambmp / 3.20 MB Download
Handwritten note on the back of a photograph sent home from Vietnam by Wayne Coker, U.S. Armybmp / 3.29 MB Download
Wayne and Vicki Coker's wedding portraitbmp / 9.04 MB Download
Obituary for Wayne Cokerbmp / 3.63 MB Download