Marriage and Family

Meeting Her Husband

"We belonged to each other."

“He came down from Massachusetts. He was transferred to Georgia and he had two children who at that time were seven and nine and they were a girl and a boy. Girl, seven. Boy, nine. He had full custody of them, and he had to find a place for them to stay. Somebody that he had met on the road, when he was traveling, had told him about Hillside Cottages where I was working. Of course, they didn’t tell him I was working there but that’s where I was working. But anyway, he came to apply. Well, he came through the major agency that handled it first and one of the ladies did an interview with him and she was impressed with him. And she said, he is really nice, you’ve just got to meet him. Well, I was a social worker and of course, I met him, and it didn’t take long for us to know that we belonged to each other. So, I think, I met him in December, and we married in June and I quit work and took care of his kids... They have been my children too.” 

Editor's Note: Following the war, Edith completed one year of course work at Tulane University but did not finish her degree due to financial constraints. She subsequently moved to Atlanta and received a part-time position at Hillside Cottages, a shelter for school-aged children. In the quote above, Edith tells the story of how she met her husband, Howard Bond, through her work at Hillside Cottages. Following their marriage, Edith and Howard moved around the country for his work until settling in Atlanta permanently in 1960.