Job Security in Georgia

Leaving a Legacy

"The most important thing I think is survival."

Editor's note: After concluding his studies at Northrop, Eugene Kimling became a consulting engineer, frequently changing jobs to pursue better opportunities. He met and married his wife, Nelline, in California, and they had three children, Joseph, Joanna, and Robin. The family moved often as Eugene took jobs in aerospace engineering, cargo shipping, and film distribution. 

In 1990, Eugene took a permanent position at Lockheed Martin as a senior engineer.  He and his family settled down in Marietta and purchased a lake house where they enjoyed many summer vacations. Eugene passed away in 2018, survived by his daughter Joanna, son Joseph, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A veteran who experienced the most tumultuous time in recent history, he wrote in his memoir, "An old saying in German 'Der Mensch denkt und Gott lenkt (Man thinks but God decides).

When asked about the most important thing that can be learned from Eugene's life, his daughter Joanna said, "Survival. The most important thing I think is survival. Basically you need to be independent. You have to accept that things in life aren't always perfect."