Brief Sojourn in New York

Brothers Reunited

"They were very surprised to see us."

Editor's Note: On September 8, 1946, Eugene and his brother, Carl, sailed back to the United States on a Liberty Ship. They stayed briefly with their Aunt Mimi and then enlisted in the U.S. Army, hoping to return to Germany to be close to their grandmother. 

"We had an aunt Mimi. They lived in the Bronx. We actually remembered where they lived and stopped by their home. They were very surprised to see us and quite uneasy, also not knowing what to do with us. Well, they came up with an idea that we should join the Army."

Editor's Note: Before leaving the United States again, they sent a number of CARE packages to friends and family in Germany. 

"The CARE package costs $15 each and were made up with surplus G.I. field rations. Those rations were no longer required by the Army so the CARE organization sold them to people in the USA explicitly to be shipped to the relatives or friends of the U.S. citizens at overseas addresses. Everyone to whom we sent them was really helped by those food items."