Slave Labor in Romania

"The people that died at Transnistria died of disease, malnutrition, and overwork."

“Romania did not have an extermination camp. They did not systematically murder the Jews like they did at Auschwitz and Dachau and Bergen-Belsen and so forth. They had a slave labor camp known as Transnistria. That’s where my father, when he was arrested in December of 1942, was taken-- was Transnistria. The people that died at Transnistria died of disease, malnutrition and overwork. My father was a large man. He was 6’ 4’’ and he weighed 246 pounds when he was arrested. He survived and he came back in August of 1945. He was still 6’ 4’’, but he weighed 132 lbs.”

Editor's note: The Transnistria region was home to several slave labor camps administered by Romanian authorities including Bogdanovka camp, Akhmetchetka camp, and Domanevka camp.