Love and Marriage

Falling for an American Serviceman

"I was so mad, I just slugged him.."

"I was in London, and my girlfriend and I were going to a movie-- and my husband was there. I did not like him. When the lights change in London, traffic goes. And they don't care who's in the road. And I had run with the girl I was with to get up on the curb away from the taxis, because they traveled very fast, and he was standing there, and he wouldn't let me up on the curb. And I mean-- I was so mad, I just slugged him. I had a brother, so I knew how to take care of myself. And we went and sat in a milk bar-- my girlfriend and I, and then he and his friend-- we were pick-ups, I guess, and they kind of followed us around. And then my girlfriend told him where I lived, and out of the blue I got a letter from him, and finally after I met him a couple of times in London, and I invited him to come to my house, and I met him at the train and took him, and my parents just fell in love with him. So the only thing was he called you-- it was 'ma'am this,' and 'ma'am that,' and my mom, she'd say, 'Jeff, don't call me ma'am; I sound like an old school maarm.' And we used to laugh about that.

But yeah- He was Air Force. He was from South Carolina. I met him in '52. And we married in '54. It was just a justice of the peace. We just went to a place called Edmonton, and my brother's girlfriend, and him, and a couple of my friends, and my mom and dad, we were there. That was it. Very small, and we went out to tea for our-- they didn't do things back there then like they do over here. It's not-- it wasn't that lavish."