London After Dark

Missing the Last Train

"...we got a lecture all the way home."

"I went to London a lot. I loved London. When I got older, we were able to catch a bus, or train, and go into London-- go to some of the newer movies. And then we'd have to take the last bus home, or else you'd be walking. Because they would quit at 10:00, so we knew whatever we did in London, we had to be at the bus stop by 10:00.

Actually, my girlfriend and I, we'd miss the last train, and there was no bus at that point, and we got out and we were thumbing. And I mean back then we felt like-- we didn't know anything could happen to you-- and I think we were about 15 or 16. And the policemen-- they were in a car-- so they stopped and asked what we were doing. And we said we'd missed the last train. He wanted to know where we lived. I told him we were on Gentleman's Row, and he said, 'Get in the back of the car.' And we got a lecture all the way home, and I'd tell him, I said, 'Please don't stop in front of my house' My mom never did know to this day that we had a police car take us home. He dropped us off around the corner, so we could walk to the house. Telling tales now!