Youth in Paris

To Learn More French

"...can you imagine bicycling down Champs-Élysées?"

"Well, I was in Geneva six months, but then I went up to Paris because I wanted to learn more French now that I was there, so I worked for a French family there for six months, so I was gone a year.

Oh, it was fun. Imagine, can you imagine bicycling down Champs-Élysées? I did that every day to go to school. I lived in the fancy sixteenth arrondissement and I went to school on Boulevarde. But I saved a lot of money by bicycling because I didn’t have to pay for the subway, or the Metro. So I saved up money so I could buy a Dior scarf in the Dior store. Strange how certain things work, right? But, yes, I was very proud of that scarf."


Gitte with her bicycle and new scarf, in front of the Dior Store in Paris, Francetif / 942.81 kB Download