Grandparents Fleeing the Nazis

Out of the Occupied Zone

"My grandfather had a summer home in Cavalaire."

"When the Nazis took over, for about two years, there were two zones of France: one was the Occupied Zone, which included Paris and most of the Coast, and the other part was the Southeast part and the Riviera and the Mediterranean Coast, which was so-called Unoccupied France, 'Free France,' as they called it. And my grandfather, as it turned out, had a summer home down there in a little town called Cavalaire, which still exists.

And my aunt, Yvonne, also had a house in Cavalaire, but she stayed in Paris because she wanted to stay with her husband, who was not Jewish, by the way.

And so they stayed in France, and then they went down to their summer house when the Nazis took over, and they stayed by the beach."