Activisim Lectures

Grace Thorpe's Lecture's for Indian Causes

"Actually, another thing that I do is I talk to Indian groups.”

“Actually, another thing that I do is I talk to Indian groups. I just finished speaking with one in Kansas City telling them how to work with the news media and how to set up a simple public relations office. So that’s one thing that I do too, is I go around as I am lecturing here, a paid lecture at Baylor University…”

During the 1970s along with her American Indian activism, Grace earned money giving lectures throughout the country. Grace used her public relations skills developed from working with the Women’s Army Corps, her work with Alcatraz, and other Surplus Land engagements to advise other American Indians interested in activism how to set up public relations for their causes. Some of the places Grace gave lectures include Baylor University, San Diego City College, and an Indian group in Kansas City.