National Indian Women's Action Corps (NIWAC)

Uniting American Indian Women

"Were not a Women’s Lib group by any means,” she stated."

"We're not a Women's Lib group by any means," she stated. "I feel that the Indian family structure is breaking down. So many of the young people are forced to leave the reservation to find work in the cities during the week and return to the reservations only on weekends."

This quote is an excerpt from a newspaper article where Grace is explaining her work with the National Women’s Indian Corps in the 1970’s and one of the problems they were trying to tackle within the Indian community. Grace explained that the organization was for any American Indian women who wanted to come up with solutions for national Indian issues. Grace started the organization on the Sac and Fox Reservation and worked hard to expand it to other reservations. Grace would be proud to know that in 2010 the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center was created for the protection of American, Alaskan, and Hawaiian Indigenous women. Today this group is still going strong and fighting for the safety and quality of life of Native American women just like Grace did.