Economic Development Conference Coordinator for the National Congress of American Indians

Making a Difference in Eight Months

“But when I quit we got oh my gosh a half a million dollars.”

“I was with them, oh about 8 months. But I quit the job and they wanted to, you know, retain me. But when I quit we got a, oh my gosh, a half a million dollars. See, so I was leaving them in good shape. When I was hired they had no money.”

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) was formed in 1944 to represent the interests of North American and Alaskan Indians. Their goals include helping Native Americans succeed economically, making sure they have good welfare, and educating the public on Native American topics and issues. Grace began working with the NCAI in 1968 and she helped them organize two national economic development conferences to help bring industry to reservations and reduce the unemployment on reservations. Grace had a desire for more hands-on work with American Indians, so she decided to leave the organization in 1969 after helping them raise $50,000.