Hank Today

“You try to continue life. You hang on.”

“Somehow people learn to deal with whatever they have to put up with. The situation was really, really terrible, especially in the end. And still, you move on, you know. You try to continue life. You hang on… Every time I see, like those refugees in camps, and all that, and the kids are still playing-- People somehow, they learn to deal with that kind of stuff.”

Editor’s Note: Hank now resides in Decatur, Georgia where he moved after retiring to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren.

As a father and grandfather, Hank further reflected on the tremendous sacrifice on the part of his parents, providing for five children plus a nanny in addition to themselves during the German occupation. He is amazed that they were able to keep everyone alive. 

You can watch Hank's interview with the Museum of History and Holocaust Education here.