Sojourn in the Midwest

Extended Family

"Away from all that tension and stress."

"And then they went off to Illinois to see Uncle Julius as well. And they lived there for a while.

They were living in this small town in Illinois. And they were just so excited to be with family again. Uncle Julius was a wonderful man, and his wife was beautiful, and very compassionate, and they had some other relatives also in that town. And they were just so glad to be away from all that tension and stress that they had felt. Of course they were just so sad that their parents weren’t with them, but-- My mother went to work for a store in Illinois-- I guess as a seamstress-- and my two aunts were both by then beauticians, and it must have just felt rather comfortable for them to be reunited, because Uncle Julius lived in the same town as them in Cloppenburg, and they used to walk to his house, so they were not only relatives; they were neighbors."