Escape to England

"That must have been a wonderful reunion."

"[After arriving in Holland] My Aunt Edie, fortunately, was in touch with friends of theirs who had immigrated to England prior to them becoming passengers on the St. Louis. They had offered her the opportunity to become their house daughter and travel with them to England, and they were willing to sponsor her. And so she got in touch with them and explained what had happened on the St. Louis and that she was in Holland, and they asked her if she still wanted to come and live with them, and she said, 'yes.' And so her paperwork did come through, and she was able to leave to go to England. And she took the last kindertransport to England from Holland. And she did get to see my mother and her sister again. That must have been a wonderful reunion. And she stayed in Coventry for a while, and then, eventually, her papers came through to the United States, because my Tante Elsa in Jacksonville made that opportunity come to pass."

Editor's Note: 
The last kindertransport left the Netherlands for England on May 14, 1940, the same day that the Dutch army surrendered to German forces.