What are We Going to Do?

The End of the War

"Now we're not needed anymore"

“When the war was over, it was exciting, and it was a letdown. It was that we’re not needed anymore. We’d been needed and we’d been, you know, we’d been doing all these things. Now we’re not needed anymore. What are we going to do? And they gave, I think there were about two weeks before we were discharged but I had applied for Tulane. I knew I wanted to get a master’s degree in social work. So, I had applied at Tulane and they accepted me, but I couldn’t go until the fall cause they didn’t start until the fall. But I was able to get a summertime job in Atlanta where my sister was living then at the Child Welfare Association for the summer. And I worked there and then I went to Tulane for a year and then I went back to Atlanta and worked for the same agency.”