Family Research

Leaving a Legacy

'I’ve gotta give her thanks for putting it all together."

"Well, we collected a lot of material (at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC). My wife,(Claire) I’ve gotta give her thanks for putting it all together. You’ve seen the books that I’ve collected that she put together, and you have some of our material already and—and that was very interesting because that put it all together. You could see the documents that they had, the pictures that they had, the history of the family and all—going all the way back to Columbus, Georgia in 1864, some of those older pictures. They were one of the first Jewish families in Columbus, Georgia at the time.

I have four children. I have a 46 year old daughter, a 50 year old son, a 52 year old son, and a 53 year old daughter. The only one that still doesn’t live here is the first son.

And my wife is living here, too. She’s still in good health. She’s older than I am, but she’s doing well."