Safe in California

Learning What Happened

"She showed me her number almost immediately."

"I met [my Aunt Yvonne] when she eventually came to California and—came to Los Angeles where we lived—and they moved into an apartment with my grandfather and—basically, her mother and father—my grandfather and grandmother—and she had a separate bedroom in that apartment, and they moved in there. We lived about maybe six blocks away.

She showed me her number almost immediately. She said, that’s where—how they identified her, and her number was A-6161, or something like that, and I have a picture of it, and she said, 'That’s how they identified us.' And she didn’t tell me a whole lot about what happened. I got most of it out of the book that she wrote.

About two years later—my aunt started talking about it herself. She was in Los Angeles, and she was on kind of a lecture tour within L.A.—she would go to Optimus Club and various kinds of social groups and give a presentation and actually get paid for it (just expenses, very little), but she wanted to spread the word, and she kept saying 'If we don’t stop this thing from happening now, there’ll be a Third World War.'"