Mother's Hometown of Kremenchug

Early Life in the Ukraine

"I was born in one of those caves."

"I was born April 24, 1941. In a small town called Kremenchug. About fifty miles east of Kiev in the Ukraine.

My mother was born in Kremenchug, Russia in the Ukraine. 1916. She was one of six children. She had two sisters and three brothers. Both of her sisters survived the Holocaust because they left with a Zionist organization in the early thirties to Israel. I don’t know much about her education. She didn’t speak that much about it. She just grew up. Again, in a fairly orthodox home in Kremenchug.

There was a synagogue in Kremenchug. My parents were married August the 5 of 1940. They joined a group that stayed together for years in, in Kremenchug, in Kiev. They lived in the, in the caves at the Priest’s Grotto, subterranean caves. And that’s actually where I was born was in one of those caves. "