A Speech in Boston


"...to final victory"

"Our young men and our young women are fighting not only for their existence, their homes, and their families. They also are fighting for a country and a world where men and women of all races, colors, and creeds can live, and work, and speak, and worship in peace and freedom and security.

And if we can shorten this war by one month - even by one minute - we shall have saved the lives of some of our young men and women. We must not let our comforts or our conveniences, our politics or our prejudices, stand in the way of our determination to drive relentlessly and unflinchingly over the hard road to final victory.

You and I - all of us who are war-workers - must stay on the job!"

Editor's Note: Franklin Roosevelt was visibly worn down when he ran for presidency the fourth, and last, time. During the 1944 election, FDR received overwhelming support from the Democrats, even in the South. It was in this election that FDR selected Harry Truman as his running mate in an effort to appease the more conservative members of his party.

Roosevelt won the Electoral College 432 to 99.



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