Supporting the Troops

Encouraging American Soldiers Overseas

"... just as fast as we can lick the Nazis."

"I want you boys, all of you, to remember that back at home we are thinking about you. I know you wish you could get out of the hospital as soon as possible, and come back to the United States just as fast as we can lick the Nazis.

I have had conferences with Marshal Stalin and Mr. Churchill during the past four days- very successful, too- laying plans as far as we can to make it unnecessary for us again to have Americans in Iran- just as long as we and our children live. I think that is worth fighting for - even being sick for - in Iran....

Get well as soon as you can, and come back home."

Editor's Note: FDR delivered this informal speech during his time in Iran for the Teheran Conference. At this conference Roosevelt met with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin to discuss military plans and international affairs. Two of the most significant agreements to come from this meeting were Stalin's agreement to declare war on Japan and the Big Three's commitment to execute Operation Overlord (the Battle of Normandy). Per this agreement, the Soviet Union would launch an offensive in the East while the US and Britain carried out their plans in France.



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