A Long Political Career

Vice Presidential Nomination

"...an evasive hodgepodge of words"

"America is demanding action, not words, something definite and concrete in the way of a constructive program - not an evasive hodgepodge of words such as the old-time politician used to find effective in catching the voters. What America wants today is a real genuine rule of the people, by the people, not a rule for the few and by the few."

Editor’s note: FDR's first political appointment was in October of 1910. He served as a senator in his home state of New York. In 1913 he resigned from this position to become the Assistant Secretary of the Navy to President Woodrow Wilson. In 1920 he ran as the vice presidential candidate alongside Democratic presidential candidate James M. Cox. Cox was the governor of Ohio. Republican Senator Warren G. Harding won the race.