Hiding in Plain Sight

Becoming a "U-boat"

"They had a plan."

"My father tells stories of how occasionally he would leave the city and go to a farm area. And someone would allow him to work for them in exchange for food. And he would sleep in the barn. And he said that happened to him a couple of times. But he never really told me how the other family members survived.

They would write notes in advance, and when there was a planned meeting, they would pass those notes on so that the other person would then pass it on to the next person they would meet. It was probably pretty complex. I have no idea how they did it, but they had a plan.

Obviously they would have not worn [their yellow stars] anymore, [but] my grandfather and my father kept those. In fact, they would carry them in their wallets because it was, you know—If you didn’t have it, I guess the thought in their head was that the consequences would be much, much worse, but they didn’t wear it openly.