Growing up in Decatur

Not too far from Toco Hills

"I’m a product of Dekalb County."

"I was born in downtown Atlanta at Georgia Baptist Hospital in early 1962.

I grew up in Decatur in kind of a small area near North Decatur, and not too far from Toco Hills shopping center, if I remember correctly.

As a child I don’t know if I remember too much about my interactions with my neighbors, other than the kids that lived on either side of me. The houses were pretty small. They would be what we’d call starter homes today. And I went to a private kindergarten and a private elementary school near Emory called Arlyn Worth for the first four years of my life. And then in the early ‘70s we moved to another area of Decatur, and I went to Sagamore Elementary School in Dekalb County.

I’m a product of Dekalb County. I went to Lakeside High School."