The Invasion of the Netherlands

Operation Market Garden

"It was a long steal."

"We went back to England and got ready for the Holland invasion, biggest invasion we ever had. 1,876 gliders. And we went in the 21st of September, I believe it was. We were in there 21 days. It was a long steal. But it worked out all right. We held the bridge at Grave [Netherlands]. As we were flying in, we went 45 miles behind the front. And we flew over Veghel, which was an anti-aircraft school for the Germans. And the pilot called me and said, 'Hey, Guy! They’re shooting at me up here.' I said, 'What the hell you think they’re doing to us [laughs]?'

That was a good show. We stayed there 21 days. And then when I came out, the glider pilots brought truckloads of prisoners with us, to a prison camp in Belgium. And we stayed in Brussels so long they sent MPs [Military Police] over to get us. None of us wanted to go back to England...That was the last mission we pulled."