Marriage Postponed

Going Overseas

"You won't be here Saturday."

"There were 109 of us in the first class at Lubbock...We graduated on November the 10th, 1942...That was South Plains Air Force, they called it. And we were supposed to remain as instructors. Well, we get orders to transfer us to Austin, Texas...

I told my CO [Commanding Officer] that I was getting married that next Saturday. Evelyn was coming, gonna fly out to San Antonio. We had a chaplain to marry us. And the CO said, 'I can’t tell you anything,' – this was Friday night – 'but you won’t be here Saturday [laughs].' And I said, 'Okay, I’ll call Evelyn.' So I called her and told her at nine o’clock Friday night not to come. So that postponed our wedding. And the next morning before daylight, we were on troop trains going to Virginia. And we sailed out of Virginia on December the 1st, I believe it was."