Advanced Glider Training

The First Glider Pilots

"They were scared to death of it."

"Then we went into advanced, and they had some sail planes that we flew which were a lot of fun. And then towards the end of the training, they brought in the CG4A’s. And that was interesting. The people that brought them in were fighter pilots, and they had never flown a glider. And they were scared to death of it. And they were supposed to instruct us, but they were too frightened. So we instructed ourselves. We taught ourselves to fly CG4A’s, which was the one we would use throughout the war. It carried thirteen troops, pilot, and copilot. Or it would carry a jeep. Or it would carry a 155 millimeter Howitzer. Or it would carry a small 22,000 pound bulldozer, which meant it was overloaded by 2,000 pounds. And the ones that got to fly that were dead ducks [laughs]."