The Maritime Alps

Infantry Regiment

"Our socks were always wet."

"We were way up. All we had to worry about were the shells coming. They couldn't come over the mountains, so when they hit one side, the rocks would come flying onto our side. That's the only thing we had to worry about...

Staying up in the mountains in the snow, our socks were always wet, and one day I looked and I saw black spots on my left toe, and so I went [to a hospital]. That's pretty good; I stayed and at least we got a hot meal. While we were up there we were eating nothing but K-rations...

There was a shower, one shower room where I was every day and every night. Twice a day I'd take a shower."

Editor's Note: While posted with his regiment in the Maritime Alps, Jimmy Doi suffered from trench foot which had to be treated in a military hospital.