Moving to Georgia

Marrying Fred Schneider

"We had no common language."

"Way back in Poland, he was my first English teacher... I was sixteen, and he was eighteen, but there were no schools. It was 1945, and everything was destroyed, and he happened to have the best education during the ghetto because Czernowitz was where he was. The Jewish professors couldn’t teach, so they got together some of the best four students, and Fred was among them, and [they] gave them private lessons, and by the time the war was over he had the best education.

He was a professor at Georgia Tech for a number of years and then at MIT, he was a professor. But that’s how we met, we had no common language. He didn’t speak any Polish and I didn’t speak any German, and I hated it with a passion anyway. But that was a long time ago. We are married now, sixty-four years...We have three sons and five grandchildren."