Dental School

Training as a dental hygienist at Northwestern University

"A lot of the schools, ...closed even during World War II... Everybody had gone off to fight in the war."

“When I graduated from high school, my father’s oldest sister talked to my father and said, ‘You know, you haven’t been a part of your child’s life very much, and she obviously wants to do something with her life. Would you be willing to finance her going to college?’ And he did that, so I went to, well I went to a liberal arts school just for a year because when I applied for dental hygiene school, which is what I wanted to do – that’s a two year course – the class was filled. A lot of the schools, dental schools closed even during World War II because they didn’t have-. Everybody had gone off to fight in the war. They didn’t have the staff, the teachers, the instructors that they needed. But anyway, I did go to college. From Lineville I went to the liberal arts school for a year, and then I went to Chicago to Northwestern to dental hygiene school.”