Boarding School

A New Schooling Experience

“She was put in boarding school there.”

“So, she was received, and she was put in boarding school, I believe the family lived in Kent or Sussex. So she was put in boarding school there, and then when it was no longer safe, and they were getting people out of, kind of what I call 'the greater London area,' the boarding school moved to Wales. And so she finished school during the time that she was in England and Wales. And she says it was actually a really positive, she would use the word pleasant, experience. I mean I have some stories like, no food was wasted, so you know if people didn’t want their potato skins and they were sitting kind of on the plate, my mother was always like very happy to eat that part.”

Editor’s Note: When they were finally able to flee Germany, Dora was received by a family in England and placed in a boarding school. Dora’s boarding school was moved to Wales once German bombing of England intensified during World War II. Dora managed to have a great time in boarding school during this time, praising her experiences when telling stories to Jackie. She never mentioned anything negative like air raids or hateful comments. Dora’s friends played a huge role in making her time at boarding school enjoyable, but it was also largely because she felt a sense of normalcy for the first time in a long time.