Moving Out

Meeting the Cline Family

“...just to get away I was satisfied.”

“When I got older, I found a job in restaurants ‘cause I was cooking at home and they knew, so I got a job as a pie baker in a city restaurant.”

“I met Miss Cline and her husband, who worked in some kind of a factory in Baltimore.”

“They gave me room and board so it was very little. I was glad to get it. I got away from home and – after my mother remarried well I wasn’t very happy there, and just to get away I was satisfied.”

Editor's Note: In order to leave her tense home, Faye Edwards moved to Milton, West Virginia, to work as a pie baker at the City Restaurant. She later moved in with the Cline family in Baltimore, Maryland. The Cline family would become a pivotal part of Edwards’ journey to factory work, and later, to enlisting in the Army.