From Bachelor to Family Man

Revenge on the Nazis

"Within six months my bachelorhood went right out the window."

"My mother, may she rest in peace, always told me I was a bum and I’d ask why I was a bum, and she’d say, 'Because you are 33 and you are not married.' I reunited with my father in 1961. He never came to this country. He stayed in France. Every time I would go visit him, he would arrange dates for me with all his Jewish friends, because he thought I wasn’t married because there weren’t any Jewish girls in the United States. In 1973, I met a very lovely lady from Savannah, Georgia, and within six months my bachelorhood went right out the window...

I am very proud of my family; I always say that my children and my grandchildren are my revenge on the Nazis."

Editor's note: Andre and Marsha Kessler settled in Marietta, Georgia, where they raised two children, Gina, and Lawrence. They now have four grandchildren.