Moving to Georgia

Falling in Love with the South

"Those people run around without shoes on down there."

"I went to work for a textile company. The sales manager was a very nice man by the name of Frank Murphy, may he rest in peace. In those days I was known as Andy, I tried to become as Americanized as much as possible. My nickname in the NBA was Tiny, I was Tiny Kessler. He says, 'Andy, we are going to promote you. You are going to become our southeastern salesman.' I asked what he meant by Southeast. He said, 'You will be headquartered in Atlanta, and you are going to be traveling Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, North and South Carolina.' I said, 'Frank, you got to be kidding me. Those people run around without shoes on down there, I am not going to Georgia.' He said, 'I tell you what. Try it for six months. If you don’t like it, come back to New York. We will find a different job for you, but my feeling is that you will be living there within six months.' Well he was wrong; I was living here within three. I fell in love with the city of Atlanta. I fell in love with Georgia."