An Education for Women

Library Dedication at Georgia State Women's College

"...enthusiastic about the opportunities offered here to girls for a rounded education."

"Yesterday morning we drove around the grounds of the Georgia State Women's College, where the students certainly have every opportunity for a healthy and happy outdoor life. Available are tennis courts, horses to ride, a beautiful swimming pool, archery and a delightful student activity house, where meals can be served and entertainment of every kind given by the students.

I wish very much that I had had more opportunity to talk with the faculty. They seemed young and progressive. When we finally ended up at the library, which was being dedicated, I felt that one could be justly enthusiastic about the opportunities offered here to girls for a rounded education.

I was told there there was a great difference between the size of the freshman class and the number of graduates, for a good many girls leave to get married. Because the Georgia law allows girls to teach after two years of college, those facing economic difficulties go to earn a living."

Editor's Note: On March 28, 1941, Eleanor Roosevelt visited Valdosta, Georgia to dedicate the Georgia State Women's College library, later named Powell Hall. The library was a WPA project, created as a part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal program.