A New President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Death

"...great comfort and consolation to all of us."

"My dear Mr. President:

There have been many thousands of letters, telegrams and cards sent to me and my children which have brought great comfort and consolation to all of us. This outpouring of affectionate thought has touched us all deeply and we wish it were possible to thank each and every one individually.

My children and I feel, in view of the fact that we are faced with the paper shortage and are asked not to use paper that all we can do is to express our appreciation collectively. We would therefore consider it a great favor if you would be kind enough to express our gratitude for us.

Eleanor Roosevelt"

Editor's Note: On April 12, 1945, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in Warm Springs, Georgia. After his death, Roosevelt returned to Val-Kill Cottage in Hyde Park, New York where she crafted this letter to President Harry S. Truman. This letter was read during his first news conference as president.