Jewish Memories

Hebrew School and Holidays

"The British are not known for their best recipes."

"I would say [my parents] were conservative. We went to synagogue every Saturday and some Friday evenings. I went to a Hebrew elementary school that was part of the synagogue starting around middle school age. I went to Hebrew high school here in Atlanta.

We started at Shearith Israel and then moved to Or VeShalom synagogue.

I remember lighting the candles at Chanukah every year. I remember the Passover dishes every year as well. My mother was a very good cook, but she used the British style of cooking, so there were some limitations there. The British are not known for their best recipes. I do remember having Passover once with my grandparents. One time with my dad’s parents. And the story I remember – they had a German shepherd, and it was hard to keep him away from the food. That’s kind of a memory I hadn’t thought about in a while."