President Roosevelt

Second Inspiration

"That guy's going to lead us."

"I was studying Civics in high school, and the word came out that President Roosevelt was at Warm Springs, and he was coming across Pine Mountain to Highway 27 and was going to Fort Bennett. So we turned our school bus up to the top of the mountain. And President Roosevelt came along in his little Ford car, driving it himself, and stopped the car, talked with us students. And I became a Roosevelt follower from that day on. That guy's going to lead us.

There was so much about him that motivated you. He was an invalid of course. He was driving his car. And he took time – he took time to talk to students. And his language was for students. It wasn't for the educators. It wasn't for the businessmen. It was students. He would ask you about grades. What's your favorite subject? What are you having problems with?

It was his simplicity. And I thought I was talking to a man that was deeply interested in me. Not for what he could, you know, exert from it, but somehow he could instill into a person a certain energy that you didn't have. So I was – I was moved with him. And I was a great follower of his even until his death."