Separated in Seattle

"A little dump of a place"

"When he reported in at the navy office, they transferred us to Seattle. So we had to come home and pack what little we had unpacked, and get down to the station and get on a train that took us...took us all day, straight north, to Seattle. And there we a little dump of a place overnight, and then next day we found a nice hotel and moved, and that was also like five or six dollars a night.

It was a fun place to be...And I happened to have an aunt who was living there, which was a miracle, and she was Minnie Moran on my father’s side. Oh my gosh, she was nice. And she came down and stayed with me every day at that place, after my husband left. She was nice not to bother us while we were together. But the minute he was gone, she was my company, because I had to wait until I could get a train back home that had a lower berth for me, because I couldn’t climb up, and...Minnie was waiting to let me know when I could go back to Detroit."

Editor's note: Tooken Cade was pregnant with her first child, when her husband shipped out of Seattle to join the Pacific war.