Wartime Wedding

A Rushed Affair

"We didn't dare take a chance."

"The reason we got married [in Ithaca] was because we weren’t sure how much vacation time he was gonna get. We didn’t dare take a chance. So instead of having a nice, long dress, I had a nice beige suit and a cute little hat instead of a wedding veil. But when we were getting married, I got my blood taken and then we had to get the license. He had his [blood taken] there. Well mine was sent to Ithaca, but the blood broke down in the plane, in other words, the bag, it was in a test tube, I guess...it was not usable, and they called me up and said, 'If you don’t get up here right now and have your blood taken here, then you can’t marry on that date.' So I jumped on the train and got there, and the people in the hotel helped me and got me a place to take my test. Everybody was so nice! [Chuckles]...

Well, his parents came to the wedding and my parents came, and that was it. [Chuckles]. And of course everyone else was—were people that my husband knew, but they were all scattering because whatever time they got before they had to report, it depended on where they were going."

Editor's note: Tooken Cade's husband was stationed at a training center at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, when they married.