Marriage Proposal

A Long Time Coming

"Are you kidding?"

"When I got home, Evelyn came over to the house to see me. I didn’t know she knew I was at home. Somebody told her. And anyway, she said, 'You ought to go to church tomorrow.' And I said, 'Yeah.' So we went to church, and we started going back together again. Then we had our first night out was at the Biltmore Hotel. They had the patio outside the back. They had a full band every weekend. And it was great. So she asked me if I was going to marry her. I said, 'Yeah, but when we get out the service.' She said, 'I can’t wait any longer.' So I said, 'I’ll give you an answer tomorrow.' I went home, and I didn’t sleep a damn wink. Got up in the morning, and father was milking the cow. He says, 'Let me finish dripping this cow, and we’ll go up and tell your mama.' Went up and told mother and Gerry, my sister. They cried, 'You just been home one day! You don’t know Evelyn well enough!' [Laughs] And I’d known her eleven years. Then I went over to her house to get her, and her folks were having breakfast. I said, 'Where’s Evelyn?' 'She’s upstairs getting dressed for church.' I went upstairs, and she’s sitting there in that shimmy thing, they call it, in her skirt, fixing her face. And I said, 'You want to get married next Saturday?' She says, 'Are you kidding?' I says, 'No.' She said, 'Yes.' So that was it."