Joining the American Rosie the Riveter Association

Honoring Women's Service During World War II

"Women used to do all the work and the men got credit."

"Well, I knew about the Riveters all the time when it first started, but I didn't think I'd qualify because it said 'riveters,' but I didn't rivet. I did none of that kind of work.

What I did was not really a man's job in the first place. And the riveters were the ones who took men's jobs, you know. And I like to say – that Jane and I say – we got women out of the kitchen, because women did not have-

Now, women are CEOs. My mother would have made an excellent CEO had she had the opportunity.... Because she knew how to manage people. And you have to manage people.

So, Jane and... millions of other women at that time were really in many ways responsible for all of the women CEOs we see today…

Women used to do all the work and the men got credit. They were the secretaries, but they did all the work, and the men got credit. To tell you the truth, that's the way it was.

I think the second world war did more for this country than anybody. I really do. Our generation did more for this country than any other generation."