The End of the War

Partying in Washington, D.C.

"We were all so happy. "

"Well, when the war ended, we went down to 14th and Pennsylvania. Most people know where that is, because it's the most famous street in Washington. And there was enough of – soldiers, sailors, whatnot-- that the street car came down on the track – they just picked it up and set it on the side. They said, 'this street belongs to the United States Service Personnel!' And we began to dance. (Laughter). We were all so happy...

Well they went up in the Statler Hotel, and they took a razor blade, and they just took the down pillows – you know what a down pillow is – and they ripped it open, and shook it all over – all over the street...

It was exciting! We got on the train and went to New York the next morning, but it wasn't as much fun, so we came back to Washington. Washington was more fun, and more excited than any place. It was very exciting! We had the most – you know, more parades. The best one I remember was Nimitz, Admiral Nimitz. They came in with planes in formation-- you know, wing to wing. And all we had almost all them movie stars, and all them kind of plays. Generals – we had parades for. It was really exciting! We had them over at the Washington Monument."