Growing Up in Atlanta

Economic Struggles

"We had it rough."

"I grew up on Marbut Avenue. 1535 Marbut Avenue, which is the end, the dead end of a street. And we didn’t have much back in those days. And we bought the house. My father bought the house for $2,900.95. And we paid $100 a month, I think. But we had it rough. He was a policeman, and of course they didn’t pay them very much money...

We had it rough, but I was a kid so it didn’t matter much to me. When we would return from school, my mother would have a pot of vegetable soup in the wintertime or a big baked sweet potato with a blob of margarine in it for us to eat when we got home from school. Course, they didn’t feed you in school in those days. And we weren’t able to carry lunches because we didn’t have that much food."