Holocaust Survival in Germany

Alexander Jacobi in Berlin in 1946

Alexander Jacobi is pictured here in Berlin in 1946. He survived the Holocaust in Germany.

Page from Alexander Jacobi's Militarpass describing service remitted on March 23, 1917.

This Military Passbook documents Alexander Jacobi's service for Germany during World War I. 

Alexander Jacobi, like many Jews, fought for Germany in World War I. During the Nazis' rise to power, Jewish veterans of World War I were at first not treated poorly. This changed with the passage of the Nuremberg laws of 1935. 

Star badge belonging to Helmuth Jacobi

This star badge belonged to Alexander Jacobi who was forced to wear it starting in 1943. 

During the late 1930s and 1940s, Jews were forced to carry papers and wear indicators of their Jewish heritage. The Jacbobi family hid in plain sight by not wearing the yellow stars.