Kessler's Father Returns from Transnistria

"I didn’t know who that strange man was."

"When he was liberated-- Russian troops came through and liberated Romania at the end of 1944 beginning of 1945. He was freed, but of course he was sick. So they put him in a hospital for him to recover. He came back and when he walked into the apartment I didn’t recognize him. I hid behind my mother, and I didn’t know who that strange man was. I don’t know where he got the overcoat he was wearing, but it was four times too big on him. He was a mere skeleton of the man I remembered. It took a while for me to get used to it again, the idea that this strange man was my father."


Kessler with his Parents

Kessler with his Parents

Kessler with his father and mother, Bucharest, ca 1946. | Source: Andre Kessler View File Details Page

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